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Terran One: To Aid A Rebellion Excerpt (Exciting) Formatting is screwy with blogspot and I'm not fixing it...

The elevator that Tere, Cal, Oln and the commandos were on stopped on the bridge. Tere looked out the main viewer. Andahar was in the distance.
“Tere, Saadark is one hour from the planet. Soran is thirty minutes out and Ceshien is already landing troops on the surface. They want cover,” Adam said.
“Mikhail, I want you to take out the parliament building as soon as we’re in position. After the parliament building is gone, take out the palace. We want to hit them where it hurts,” Tere commanded. “Commando leaders, this is what we’ve been training for. We’ll be on the ground. Adam, get Ceshien’s position on the ground and get that out through covert means to Saadark and Soran. We want everyone down as soon as they get here. Ciohar, Terran and the Terran One fighters are space coverage. I want them to take strategic positions. Tell Terran that we want their fighters to join our fighters.”
“Tere, we’re now in position to take out the parliament building,” Mikhail said.
“Get a display of the surface up,” Tere commanded. “Oln, make sure that Ten 07 knows that we’re taking out the parliament building.”
“Roger that, Tere,” Oln replied. He coded the information through the private channel to the assassin cyborg.
“Tere, we have communications from Andahar,” Cameron said.
“Patch it through,” Tere commanded. The lead commandos and Cal watched as the transmission came through. Tere knew the face well.
“This is Aneit Ladp of Andahar. We’d like to know why you’ve come into the Andahar sector. If you do not remove your starship, we will consider it an act of war,” Andahar’s leader said.
“This is the Terran warrior princess, Tere, Princess of Emanai. You have what is mine and I want them back,” Tere demanded. “I consider that an act of war. If you do not free them within five minutes, we’ll blow up key strategic locations.”
“I can assure you that we don’t have anything that would belong to Terran, warrior princess,” Ladp said.
“We have tracers in them, Ladp. Your time is now four minutes,” Tere said. She turned off the image viewer. “Mik, get your fighters into space,” she commanded over the com.
“Roger that, Tere,” Mik replied. Tere watched the fighter bay from the viewer. The image viewer turned on.
“I assure you, warrior princess, that we have nothing of yours,” Ladp said.
“Ladp, you now have two minutes,” Tere said. She had the cyborg turn off the viewer.
“Tere, we have word from Ten 07. He’s looking for Alaric, Alnon and Iylus,” Oln said.
“Do we have a position on Ceshien’s ground forces?” Tere asked.
“Roger that,” Cameron replied. “They’re on the ground. They have a special ops company heading toward the parliament building.”
“Tell them to keep their distance,” Tere said. Cameron relayed the message and received an affirmative back. “Okay, Mikhail, blow the damned parliament building. After that, take out the palace,” she commanded.
“Roger that,” Mikhail said.
“TJ, we’re heading down now. Let’s move out,” Tere ordered. She put her helmet on and turned to watch as Mikhail gave the signal to blow up the parliament building. Tere saw the massive explosion. Mikhail gave the order to take out the palace. The lead commandos headed to hangar four.

“This is war, TJ,” Tere said. “I want the shielding on at all times. Gentlemen, check your weapons. We know that they’re underground and I know where Ten 07 will take them. We have to believe that we have the Andahars on the move. TJ the drop is 622.378.”
“Roger that, Tere,” TJ said.
Tere opened a digital map of Andahar. She pointed to the drop position. “There are two entrances to these underground tunnels. This is where Ten 07 will take them when he finds them. I want Gar’s team to go in on the east side. Ben’s team which includes me is going in from the west. Take out anyone that gets in the way. Gentlemen, let’s get Alaric, Alnon and Iylus the hell out of there,” she said. “Kras, open the airlock.” Tere watched out the cockpit window as the hangar airlock opened. “Take us down, TJ,” she said.
TJ flew the viper out of the hangar bay as the Terran starships arrived. Ciohar’s, Soran’s and Saadark’s starships were in the distance. They were much smaller than the Terran One but they were capable. Tere watched Ciohar’s fighters leave their hangar bays. The Soran and Saadark transports, with their ground forces, left their starships at the same time that Viper 12 left.
“We leave the war to Saadark, Ceshien and Soran, Gentlemen. We are on a rescue mission. We bring them out alive. Kill anyone you have to,” Tere commanded. Sev realized, for the first time in their marriage, that Tere was an elite commando.

Terran One: To Aid A Rebellion Excerpt (Teary) Formatting is screwy with blogspot and I'm not fixing it.

Sev looked at Tere when she got off the com. He was rocking Theo.
“Ciohar wants their engineers to head back today so we’re going to meet with them, Sev,” Tere said quietly so she wouldn’t wake Theo. “I don’t want to miss Alaric when he contacts us so tell him that it shouldn’t take more than an hour for the meeting.” Tere kissed Sev and Theo before she left the suite.
Sev took the baby into the nursery and put him down in the crib. He went to Alaric’s desk and opened the middle drawer. He had no idea why he was curious about the palace recordings. He put a chip in the viewer and read the date. The recording covered the six months after he had first rites with Tere. He turned the image viewer on and did a search for Tere Andrews. He opened the first recording. Tere and Alaric were together and were talking quietly in the palace library. Tere had tears in her eyes. Sev turned the volume up.
“Beautiful, he’s happy that you’re here,” Alaric said. He took Tere’s hand.
“I have nanos, Alaric. He won’t take them,” Tere replied. “Why won’t he take them?”
“He’s been the happiest that I’ve ever seen him these past four years. You gave him something to live for,” Alaric said. “Tere, the doctor doesn’t think that he’s going to live through the night.”
Tere nodded. “I want to be with him, Alaric. He’s given me so much,” she replied. Alaric kissed her cheek.
“Come on, beautiful. Let’s go and be with him,” Alaric said. He took Tere’s hand.

Sev fast forwarded. Alaric and Tere were in Theodopholis Adron’s room. Sev recognized it. It was the first grand suite. Alaric was sitting in a chair next to the bed. Tere was sitting on the edge of the bed. She took the Terran world leader’s hand. Theodopholis Adron smiled up at her.
“Don’t cry, Princess. You’ve been a light in my life for the past four years,” Theodopholis said in a coarse whisper. “Please take care of Alaric when I’m gone. He’s going to need you.”
“I need you, Theo. Damn,” Tere said crying. “You’ve been so good to me. Please don’t go.”
“You’ve been a daughter to me. You should be married to Alaric. He’s too good to be married to that woman that he’s married to. I never should have told him to marry her,” Theodopholis said. He coughed a deep, hacking cough. Tere took a cloth and wiped his mouth. “Promise me, Princess, that you won’t leave my son alone. He’s going to need you.”
“I promise, Theo,” Tere said. “I’ll take care of him.” She looked over at Alaric. He had tears in his eyes. Tere wiped the tears out of her eyes.
The doctor walked over and checked the world leader. “He’s just sleeping now. You should get some rest,” he said.
Tere shook her head no. “I’m staying with him. He needs me,” she replied quietly. The doctor nodded. Alaric walked him to the door. Tere continued to hold Theodopholis’ hand while he slept.
After several minutes, Alaric walked back into the room and sat on the edge of the bed. “Tere, you need to get some rest,” he said.
Tere smiled. “I’m staying. He’d stay with me,” she said. “He wouldn’t let me be alone and I won’t let him be alone.”
“Sam said that my father asked her for nanos for me,” Alaric said. “I told her that won’t be necessary. I know that you’re in love with Sev Kensington.”
“I’m in love with you, Alaric. You know who I am. You know that I can be in love with both of you,” Tere said. She cleared her throat. “When is Jal coming back? I’m sure that she’ll be here once the funeral is over. Why did you marry her?”
“I couldn’t have you, Tere. She’ll never have my heart. My heart belongs to you,” Alaric said. Tere looked at Alaric and smiled a sad smile.
“I don’t want him to leave me,” Tere said crying. “He’s like a father to me.”
“I know, Princess,” Alaric said. He took Tere’s hand and kissed it.

Sev forwarded through the recording. He had no idea that Alaric meant so much to Tere. He wiped the tears out of his eyes. He should have been there for them. He wasn’t even talking to Tere and didn’t answer her messages. He was too damned stubborn to realize what he had but Alaric knew. Alaric wanted Tere and Sev had no doubt that if Tere had never met him, Alaric would have been the married to her first. Sev watched more of the recording. The doctor was in the room again.
“He doesn’t have long. He’ll probably drift in and out of consciousness before it happens,” the doctor told Alaric. Alaric nodded. The doctor left the room.
“He gave me so much, Alaric,” Tere said. “He treated me like a princess. My father never treated me like that.”
“I know,” Alaric said. He sat on the bed behind Tere and held her. Tere put her head on Alaric’s shoulder. “I love you, Tere. My father always wanted us to be married. He regretted telling me that I should marry Jal.”
Tere touched Alaric’s face. “We can’t change that now,” she replied. Theodopholis called out for her. “I’m here Theo,” she said. She kissed Theodopholis’ forehead.
“Take care of my son. He needs you,” Theodopholis said. Tere took the world leader’s hand and nodded. “Promise me, Princess. Promise me that you’ll take him back to Emanai with you.”
“I promise, Theo,” Tere replied through her tears. “I’ll take him to Emanai but he needs to leave Jal here.” Theodopholis laughed and coughed. Tere smiled.
“I’ll be watching over you and Alaric,” Theodopholis whispered. “Tell Alaric. Tell Alaric that I can see his mother. She’s here for me. I think that I’ll be leaving now. Tell him goodbye for me, Princess. Tell him that he’ll never know how much I love him. I was tough on him but he’s turned into a fine man and will make a wonderful leader for Terran. Tell him that, Princess.”
“I will, Theo,” Tere said. She couldn’t hold back the tears.
“Don’t cry for me, Princess. You’ve given me a daughter. You’re the daughter that I always should have had. Thank you for your love for me and my son,” Theodopholis whispered.

Sev watched the world leader’s hand drop from Tere’s hand. Tere put her head down on Theodopholis and wept, deep heart wrenching sobs. She’d only cried like that twice before. When he was injured and almost died and when he brutalized her. He was angry that he wasn’t there for her and for his best friend. Alaric put his head on Tere’s back and wept with her.
“Damn it to hell,” Sev cursed. He wiped the tears out of his eyes. He listened for Theo. The baby was still sleeping. He forwarded through the recording. He stopped when he saw Tere in bed in the second grand suite. She was crying softly. The door opened and Alaric walked in. He was in his sleep pants on and no shirt. Tere looked up at Alaric and held her hand out to him. Alaric laid down next to Tere and held her until she fell asleep. Sev turned off the viewer. He didn’t know and she didn’t tell him. He put the chip back into the desk when he heard the suite door open. Tere walked into the bedroom.

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Terran One: To Aid A Rebellion Excerpt (Be prepared with tissues)

Tere nodded and headed in to change. She dropped the curtain. Sev followed her. ST, Ashan and Oln went to join their wives for a nap. Tere took one of the dresses that Meid gave her into the bathroom and changed into it. When she walked out of the bathroom, Sev was listening quietly to Alaric’s conversation with Rhina. Rhina laughed when Alaric told her about getting wet when Tere splashed him with the land jet.
“Sam told me that Tere’s nanos should keep me alive long enough for the baby to be born at full term. I don’t want you to come back, dearest. I’m fine and I’m happy that you’re enjoying your trip. Ian and Tani are taking good care of me, as if I was their daughter,” Rhina said. “Alaric, I asked Cal about doing a swearing off. He told me that none of you would want that and that Tere would not be happy. I’m so sorry that I’m leaving you and the baby but I know that Tere and Sev will take good care of both of you.” Tere and Sev heard Rhina sniffle. “Sam will tell you if you need to come back. Please, enjoy your trip. I will always love you, Alaric. I’m so happy to have you in my life. Tere was right. You are very special.”
Tere sat on Sev’s lap, put her head on his shoulder and listened quietly.
“I love you, Rhina,” Alaric said.
“I know, Alaric,” Rhina replied. “Tere and Sev will make a good family for you and baby Theo. I know that Tere loves you deeply. She always has and Sev loves you closer than a brother. Never forget how deeply I care about you and I’ll always watch over you. Dearest, you know that death is a new beginning, not an end. I’m anxious to see my parents again and to meet Theodopholis. I dreamed about the ancient warrior princess. She came to me and told me that my journey would be an easy one and that there will be no pain. She told me that when the warrior princesses choose to leave this world, they have no pain and has blessed me with that.” Rhina cried. Tears fell down Tere’s cheeks. She didn’t bother to wipe them. She closed her eyes and listened. “I told Sam that she needs to keep me on life support until the baby can be born.”
Alaric spoke gently to his wife. “I don’t want a swearing off,” he said.
“I know that you're in love with Tere but I’m thankful to have you in my life. You’ve made these last few months full of love and happiness,” Rhina said. “I’m happy that I’m joining Arisable and the ancient warrior princesses, but I’m sad that I have to leave you and my son. I’m happy that Arisable accepted you because you need a wife and Tere is the only woman that I want you with even if you have to share with Sev,” she said. She laughed. Tere and Sev couldn’t hear what Alaric said. Tere kissed Sev and put her arm around his neck. “Don’t worry about me, dearest. I’m at peace. Ian and Tani are treating me with love and kindness as are Sien and Cal. Sien is spending most of her time here and Cal is over often.” She laughed again. “I think that Cal spends most of his time here because Ian’s here but they have all been very good to me. Continue with the negotiations. It’s important for the Terran people and for the good of everyone in the system. Don’t cry for me, dearest,” Rhina said. “I wasn’t meant to live a mortal life forever but it was always meant for you. You were always meant to be married to Tere even if she was stubborn. I had a dream right after I got pregnant. I didn’t tell you about it because I didn’t want you to worry. I know you and Tere well. Please don’t be sad for me and take care of Tere. She is going to need you. I’ll talk to you soon, my love.” Sev wiped the tears from Tere’s eyes.
Alaric turned off the viewer and walked into Tere and Sev’s room. “Damn,” he said, “she wouldn’t abort the baby. I knew that she was sick when I met her. She told me that she knew that I was in love with you, Tere, but that she wanted whatever time she had left to be filled with as much happiness as you have with Sev. When she told me that she loved me, she said she didn’t mind that I didn’t love her. I told her that I did love her. She smiled happily and hugged me tightly. Nothing was hidden. We were prepared for this from the day I met her but I didn’t know it would be this hard. Ian told me that Sam doesn’t think she’ll make it until we get back. She’s getting weaker every day but Sam says that they can keep her on life support in the medical bay until the baby can be born safely.”
“Alaric,” Sev asked, “Do you want to go back. Everyone would understand.”
Alaric smiled at them. “Rhina wouldn’t understand. She says that I’m supposed to use this time to become the true prince. I don’t think she wants any of us there when it happens. She told me that I’m not to go into the medical bay if she goes on life support and that Sam will bring the baby to us,” he said quietly.

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Artwork Done, Book Is On Amazon Kindle

My book is on Amazon Kindle and the print copy is enroute to me so I can read through it and put my stamp of approval on it.

Terran One: Remember The Commandos on Kindle

You can download the first three chapters to read for free. Just download the free software, Kindle For PC, and then download my book. It's easy.

When it's ready for print, this is the link:

Terran One: Remember The Commandos E-Store This one should be ready by mid to late July.

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Terran One: Remember The Commandos is Waiting For Artwork...

Print formatting has been completed. The book will be printed in the 6x9 format and will be around 16.99 (that's not set in stone yet). The Kindle version will be available as soon as the artwork is completed and sent in for copyright. The Kindle version will be available on for 9.99. Don't have a Kindle, don't worry. You can download Amazon's Kindle For PC free from

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Terran One:Remember The Commandos Synopsis

Copyright 2010 Terriel

Terran One: Remember the Commandos is an erotically charged science fiction romance, the first novel in the Terran One trilogy. Tere Andrews, a mercenary from the capital province of Mandmer on the planet Terran, Calvin Andrews, fellow Terran mercenary and Tere’s partner, and Oln Davis, an ex Allied Federation of Planets commando, set out to bring the last thirteen AFP commandos back to Terran as a last request of the late planetary leader, Theodopholis Adron.

Severin Kensington, one of the AFP’s four Kensington commandos, had been torn between his duty to the AFP military and his love for Tere. They had only seen each other twice in the four years they had known each other. For Tere it was love at first sight. For Sev, it was a raw need, an unfulfilled desire that he put aside for the good of the brotherhood. They are brought together again in Bans on the planet Teris. Tere has given up hope of ever marrying Sev and has decided to marry someone else. When she takes him to the Terran One, their relationship is taken to another level. Sev marries her through the Terran Miktuk and their lives will never be the same again.

Join Tere and Sev on their journey through life together. Tere’s hidden secrets come out when the tough, gritty commando discovers who she really is. Terran One: Remember the Commandos has graphic realism, eroticism and brutality. Readers will laugh and cry as the characters come to life in their minds. They will become members of the Terran One crew. The residents of the captains’ zone will become their family.

Meet the other Kensington wives: Meeg is from Hans on the planet Haadia. She is married to Jasper Kensington. She has a witty sense of humor that endears everyone around her. Sam is the Terran One doctor and wife of Ben Kensington. She is a beautiful blond from Bans on the planet Teris. She has been on the Terran One since it was created. Saram, a shy sweet woman from the planet Soran, is the wife of Jackson ‘JS’ Kensington. Saram blooms in the midst of the Kensington wives' friendship. Together the women learn that sisterhood is thicker than blood.

Terran One: Remember the Commandos will take readers on a journey that they will never forget.

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Terran One: Remember The Commandos is in the hands of the Copyright Office...

It was submitted just minutes ago. This is so damned exciting. The novel is a must not miss!

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Terran One To Aid A Rebellion Excerpt

All Work is copyright by Terriel 2010

(Why steal it when you'll never be able to duplicate it.)

“I’m not trying to weasel myself into your relationship. I’m not like Ami. I only like men and I really like Jas,” Rebeka said quietly. “I know that he’s your second prince, Tere. Ian explained everything. I know that Jas would never be able to marry again, but that he could have a mistress as long as the first prince approved.” Tere stared at her. She didn’t say anything. “I wouldn’t break his heart and I understand that he’ll still want you and have that desire. I understand that Jas has a tendency to say your name in passion. It wouldn’t bother me. I was a prisoner to the Saadark for two years until the Terrans freed me." Tere turned toward Sev when her tears started to fall.

“You’ll have to forgive my wife. She gets emotional when that topic comes up. She was also used by the Saadark and others for the first six months she was a mercenary for our father,” Sev said. “She was sold by my father to Alaric Adron who set her free. She worked with Captain Andrews as his partner and became a daughter to him.”

Tere finally spoke. She glared at Rebeka with a menacing look in her eyes and slapped her hard. Rebeka cried. Jas held her. “Don’t ever say anything against Ami again,” she shouted angrily at Rebeka. “Ami is one of my best friends and Jas would have been better off with her than a koocha.”

Sev grabbed Tere’s arm so she couldn’t hit Rebeka again. She pulled away from him and slapped him. He grabbed her arm tight. “Don’t ever hit me again, princess,” he commanded.

“Go to hell, Sev. You’re as bad as your lying ass of a brother,” Tere said angrily. She stared at Jas. “I don’t like liars. I’d never lie to anyone. I don’t understand it, but I guess that you have needs that even the Kensington koocha can’t fulfill. Sev’s the first prince. He’s the boss and whatever he says goes. I’m under obligation to listen to him in the home and though I don’t like it, there’s no point in arguing with him because frankly, I don’t want to be bloodied again.” Sev shook his head no. She didn’t care.

“I don’t want to be released,” Jas said calmly. “Rebeka is happy just living with us in my suite, helping take care of the babies when they’re ready, and taking care of my needs.”

“Get this right, Jas. Rebeka will never touch my babies. I’d like to know which of your needs aren’t being fulfilled by me,” Tere said angrily.

“None except for the fact that I need a woman in my bed every night alone and Sev wants his wife in his bed alone,” Jas said.

“I guess you both get your wish. You’ll no longer be allowed in my bed,” Tere said in a cold, calculating manner. “I won’t allow it and Sev knows it. You are nothing to me now. I don’t like being lied to. You know that. Damn, you’ve known me well for five and a half damned years. I’m not a koocha. I wish I could take the baby back, but I can’t. He’s a Prince of Emanai which means that he’s mine,” she added. She left the sitting room and went into the bedroom. She put on her mercenary gear and her pistol, left the suite, and headed toward the elevator. She saw Ami in the hallway. Ami was heading to the captain’s suite to see if she could help the situation. She kissed Tere on the cheek.

“Tere, are you okay?” she asked.

“I need to kill something, Ami. Why couldn’t he have picked you? I love you,” Tere replied quietly.

Ami smiled at Tere and hugged her. “Do you want me to talk to them?” she asked.

“It won’t do any good because Sev thinks I should just put up with it and be happy about it. I feel like all I am is a damned body. I should have listened to my heart and sworn Sev off when he brought Jas home. I was such an idiot. I wish I didn’t say no to Alaric,” Tere said. She started to cry. “I can’t take any of it back, but I want to. I should have married Alaric when he said he’d get rid of Jal for me. I should have made Sev find a docile woman to marry instead of being so damned in love with him that I couldn’t resist him,” she shouted. Oln walked into the hallway, put his arms around his friend, and hugged her. Sev walked into the hall and dragged Tere by the arm back into their suite. Tere glared at Jas, pulled away from Sev, and walked into their bedroom.

“Don’t worry. I’ll take care of her,” Sev told Jas and Rebeka. “It’s settled. Jas, you’re released. You know the rules of the true prince. You can have a relationship with Rebeka, but you must wait. She can move into your suite after your time is up. Don’t violate the rules. Rebeka, are you okay?” he asked. Rebeka nodded and smiled.

“The engineers have already moved the furniture up from storage. I thought I’d sleep there tonight,” Jas said quietly.

“Agreed,” Sev replied. “Rebeka, do you have stuff that needs to be moved here from Terran? You’d better use the pass-through, Jas, because I’m afraid that Tere will be brutal if she has to see either of you. She’s a mercenary and will always be one.”

Rebeka smiled. “I brought the only things I own with me. I was just freed a month ago,” she said. She started to cry. “When I was with the Saadark, they spoke of a dark mercenary who killed many of them who used her. It was several years ago.”

“It was a five and a half years ago. Tere had just come from Emanai,” Sev replied. “She’ll have to come around because she has a child with Jas in the incubator. I’ll talk to her. I’m the only one who can handle her when she gets like this.”

“They used every part of me,” Rebeka said.

Jas kissed Rebeka. “Let’s go, Rebeka,” he said, taking her arm.

“We leave on the transport tomorrow at 1200 hours,” Sev said. “Why don’t you both come with us? It will give us a chance to know Rebeka better and will give Tere a chance to heal a bit more.” Rebeka smiled and nodded. Jas smiled and hugged his brother. Sev said goodnight and watched as they headed through the pass-through together.

Terran One Remember The Commandos Except

All Work is copyright by Terriel 2010

(Why steal it when you'll never be able to duplicate it.)

“Sev, you’re a bastard.  Leave now or I will contact my security,” she ordered.  “What the hell did I see in you anyway?”  She breathed deeply and rubbed her hinds.  She pulled her robe closed and tied it tight. 
           Sev pulled at her robe.  He looked into her eyes and searched her feelings.  She attempted to mask them from him but couldn’t.  Her love for him made her too weak.  “I didn’t say I was finished with your punishment, did I?” he asked her quietly.
           “No, Sev, you didn’t but I did,” Tere replied.  She held her legs together.
           Sev laughed.  “Like that will stop me.  I want to see what I’ve been missing all these months.  You’d better open it or it will be ripped off you,” he said. 
           Tere saw his erect member in the tight pants he was wearing.  She moaned softly and closed her eyes.  When she opened them, she tried to be resolute.  “I don’t think so.  Please think about this before you do something we’ll both regret.  You don’t want me,” she told him.  “You haven’t wanted me for six months.”  Sev kissed her passionately.  She found herself kissing him back.  She smelled the scent of the Terran jurad flower.  It was a very masculine, clean scent.  Sev pulled away from her, ripped the tie and pulled her robe open.  He touched her breast. 
           Tere pulled away.  “Please don’t touch me, Sev.  If you do, there will be no turning back for either of us,” she whispered.  She tried to pull her robe closed but Sev held it open and looked at her body.  She had large breasts with small nipples and well defined hinds.  She had no body hair under her arms or on her privates.  Terran men preferred their women that way.  Her body was well muscled.  Her nipples revealed how much she wanted him.
           Tere was angry with herself.  She was a mercenary.  She should have learned to put those thoughts out of her mind but she couldn’t do it with him.  She wanted him too much.   She remembered the Terran ale and chiz night four years before.  He didn’t leave her room until the early hours of the morning.  She remembered his lips on hers.  She remembered being naked on top when she woke up.  Sev moved closer to her.  She felt his breath on her when he kissed her neck.  He pinched her nipple hard.  She breathed deeply.  
           “I haven’t forgotten,” Sev said, quietly and sensually.  “I remember every part of you.  I remember your touch and what it felt like to be with you.”  He looked at her body again.  The scars were still there.  She’d been through combat just like him.  “I wanted you then like I want you now.  I know you want me,” he told her.  He kissed her neck again.  His erect member pressed into her.  Tere wanted to feel him inside her again.  It had been too long.  She wanted him to do to her what he did to her on the starship over Baal.  “I can tell.  Things haven’t changed between us.  You need me like I need you,” he said. 
           Tere closed her eyes.  She didn’t protest.  Sev was showing her the side of him she’d always known was there.  He’d never shown the soft side of himself to anyone else.  She reached for his face and kissed him passionately.  His tongue parted her lips and moved inside.  She moaned.  She remembered that too.  She opened her legs for him.  She wanted him to touch her.  Sev touched her privates and rubbed her gently. 
           “Sev, please, damn,” she whispered.  She put her arms around his neck and put her hands in his hair.  She loved touching him.  Sev picked her up and moved her to the nearest wall.  “Sev, no, please, no.  You don’t want this.”  He spread her legs with his knee and held her in place tightly.  His member pressed against her.  She wanted to see him naked again.  She couldn’t move away and didn’t try.  She waited for him for six months even though Jas, Alaric, and Oln wanted her.  Alaric and Oln wanted to marry her.  For six months, she dreamed about Sev every night.  She dreamed about his touch, his breath on her, and his lips.  She put her hands back into his hair and held on.  Her lips opened sensually.  Sev kissed her and forced his tongue inside her mouth.  They both moaned.  His leg brushed her privates.  Tere felt the pleasurable sensations rise to the surface and moved into him.  Sev kissed her neck again. 
           “Sev, don’t.  Please don’t,” Tere pleaded as the sensations drifted through her body.
           “I know you want me, princess.  Tell me how much,” he demanded.  His gentle voice stopped her protest.  He kissed her eyelids.   He asked again, “How much do you want me?  I want to hear it.”  Tere made the soft, gentle moans he remembered.  He pulled her arm over her head so he could reach her breast and bit her nipple hard.  She cried out.  “Say it,” he ordered.  His free fingers found their way between her legs and inside her.  She was wet and ready for him.  She moaned and moved on him.  Her body was tight on his fingers.  He growled and bit her lip.
           “Damn, Sev, please don’t.  You’ll regret this again,” Tere pleaded.  “Please stop.”  She tried to push the raw emotion he was stirring in her away, but it rushed to the surface.
           “Shut up, Tere.  Do you want me to hurt you?” he asked.  He pushed his body into hers.  Tere knew he could hurt her.  She couldn’t fight him.  She didn’t have the will power to resist him and didn’t want to.  “Now say it,” he demanded.  “How much do you want me?”  His breath was warm on her.  She could never lie to him.  He could read her.  He knew her too well.  He knew she wanted him inside her and just how much ache he caused her.  She put her free arm around his neck and held onto him.
           “Damn, Sev, I want you,” she whispered.  “I’ve wanted you for six months.  I’ve loved you for so long and I want you to love me.  I can’t live if you do this but don’t love me.  Please don’t.”  She cried.  “Damn,” she whispered through her tears.  She didn’t want to cry.  She’d cried too much over the past six months. 
           “Look at me, Tere,” Sev said sweetly.  He lifted her chin.  He kissed her tears.  “I’ve loved you for so long.  I was damned stubborn.  Six months ago, I was a commando.  I belonged to the military.  I’m a Terran One mercenary now and I’m not going to leave you.  I’m not going to find another woman.  I don’t want another woman.” 
           Tere reached down to touch his straining member.  He gently pushed her hand away.  “No,” he ordered.  He needed to be in control.  Tere was in a deeply aroused state.  He easily turned her around to face the wall and held her there while he removed his pants just enough to release his member.  He kissed her neck.  His member rubbed her hinds.  He moaned.  Tere moaned quietly when his knee brushed against her swollen privates.  He pushed her robe to the side and spread her legs with his knee.  He thought about it, pulled the robe completely off and cursed.  Tere was bare skinned against the cold steel of the wall.  Her nipples rubbed the wall and gave her even more pleasure.  His muscular chest touched her back.  He wrapped his arms around her breasts, touched and squeezed them. 
           Tere moved against his knee.  She couldn’t take it anymore.  She wanted him inside her.  He was torturing her by making her wait.  “Please, Sev, I want to feel you inside me,” she whispered passionately.
           “Tere, wait.  Don’t squirm,” Sev said quietly.  He laughed sensually. 
           Tere couldn’t see anything but the wall.  She felt Sev bend down and bring his member up to her.  He rubbed it on her privates.  She arched her back to him.  “Damn it to hell, Sev.  I need you,” she whispered.  Her voice was sultry and seductive.   Sev wrapped his arm tightly around her breasts.  She moaned softly.  “Please Sev.”   
           “Now you know how I felt all those months,” he replied.  He bit her neck and sucked at it.  He spread her privates and forced his member inside her.  She was tight on him.  She moaned in pleasure.  It made him moan and brought back memories of the first time he was with her.  He knew she saved herself for him.  She’d never been with another man.  The realization gave him great emotional relief.  He moved in her slowly.  He wanted it to cause her as much aching pleasure as it caused him.  The wall scraped her nipples when he moved in her.  He let go of her breasts, grabbed her hinds and moved her on him.  Tere put her hands on the wall to hold herself up.  Sev pinched her hinds.  The pain brought her pleasure.  She whispered his name.  It drove him insane with desire.  She felt her nanos rush toward him.  They wanted to meld with him again.
           “Did you forget, princess?” he asked.  He moved in her slowly and enjoyed her neediness.  Her arched back drove him wild.  She moaned desperately.  “Answer me, Tere, did you forget my body?”
           “No Sev, I didn’t forget.  Damn, I didn’t forget,” she whispered.  She moved on him.  It forced him to move even faster.  “Oh, baby, oh damn,” she whispered seductively.  She felt the sensations and heat of their mingling bodies and needed to release. 
           “Damn, Tere, you are so wild,” he whispered.  He felt his pace quicken but fought to slow himself.  He grabbed her waist.  He didn’t want to release too quickly.  He moved his hand to her breast and squeezed it hard as he bit her back.  She cursed in pain.  He bit her a second time.  She cursed louder.  He bit her again, but didn’t let go. 
           “Damn, Sev, no,” she whispered.  It was too late.  Sev’s pace quickened.  She felt his member touch the most sensitive place inside her.  She felt the energy as her nanos surged.  She moved back on him.  He stirred a raw passion in her.  He bit her harder.  “Damn, Sev, you don’t want to do this.  You don’t want to be tied to me forever.  Please baby,” she begged him.  “I need to release.  Damn.”
           Sev held her tight as he moved in her.  “Yes, I do,” he replied.  “I want you forever and only you.  I want you in my bed every night.  Damn it, Mercenary.  I’ve thought about this for six months.  Now shut up,” he ordered.  He thrust his member into her, hard and deep. 
           Tere moved with him and met each thrust.  She moaned softly.  Her only thought was of the pleasure he was giving her.  She felt him bite her again.  He held on tight with his teeth.  She screamed out in pain.  She felt his member grow larger.  She never forgot how large he was.  Her body exploded in release. 
           Sev held her tight and cursed as he released.  Tere felt his warm liquid inside her.  It took a few moments for his member to stop throbbing.  He rested his head against her back and breathed deeply.  He kissed her back gently and wiped away the blood with his tongue.  She moaned at the intensity.  He held her against the wall until he was ready to pull out.  He turned her around to face him.  She clung to him.  He put his knee between her legs and rubbed her privates gently at first and then harder.  She bit his neck as she released again. 
           “Damn, Sev,” she whispered.  She held him tight.  She knew she would fall over if she didn’t. 
           Sev kissed her passionately, put his forehead against hers, and looked into her eyes.  The starlight sparkled brightly in them.  “I never forgot,” he told her.  “I never forgot the need or the pain.  I learned to live with it.  I’m not willing to live with it anymore.”
           “I love you, Sev.  I always have.  I’ve waited so long for you,” Tere whispered through her tears.  Sev picked her up and carried her to the bed.  She moved over and made room for him.  He took his clothes off and stood naked in front of her.  He had a gorgeous, muscular body.  He laid down on the bed next to her and bit her breast hard enough to make her cry out in pain.  He entered her again.  “Damn, Sev, you are truly evil,” she whispered when he stopped to look into her eyes.  He laughed.  “Baby, don’t stop.  Please,” she said. 

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Today's Analysis: Terran Date 2.2010.20

(Ami speaking into a com recording device.)

Ami:  This is Doctor Ami Standish.  My appointment today is with Tere Kensington.

(Tere smiles at Ami.)

Ami:  Tere, please tell us what your position is on this starship.

Tere:  Hi Ami.  I am the High Captain of the starship.  I, along with Cal and Oln, make sure the starship is running efficiently and that the crew is paid.  Everyone wants to get paid.  I don't know why that is.

(Tere and Ami laugh.)

Ami:  So Tere, tell me about Sev.

(Tere laughs.)

Tere:  Sev, sometimes I want to strangle the man and other times I want to rip his clothes off.  Of course, it's a good thing I want to rip his uniform off more than strangle him.  You know, Ami, I wasn't even going to marry him.  What Sev wants, Sev gets.  His brothers tell him that all the time.  He has an attitude problem and thinks his way is the only way.  Sometimes, I just have to slap him a bit, wake him up and tell him, Severin Kensington, your way is not the only way.  Remember who the mercenary is here.  Usually he'll tell me, remember who the commando is here.

Ami:  I've noticed that about him, but you both love each other so much.  Everyone around you can tell that.

(Tere sips her coffee and smiles.)

Tere:  Yes which is why I haven't sworn him off, though I did come close.  Who can resist the man.  He's gorgeous.  I love his dark wavy hair.  He gets it cut just the way I like.  I'm obsessive about it.  I love to put my hands in his hair when we're making love.  I love his dark eyes.  They're just beautiful and look at his body, six foot of pure muscle.  All the women on this starship are crazy about him.

Ami:  Tell me about Sarih.

Tere:  I don't like to say bad things about anyone, but that woman was a koocha.  She's lucky she didn't get shot by me.  No one, and I mean no one, goes after Sev and to do it in front of me just goes to show what kind of woman she is.  Everyone knows that Sev and I are married.  You don't go after married men on the starship especially the High Captain's husband.  I hear she's doing okay now and doesn't remember what happened.  Sam's regression therapy is very effective, so things will work out for her.  She's on Terran Now.

Ami:  Tere, who is your best friend on the starship?

Tere:  Ami, how's Am today?  Cal wants to give her a raise which I've approved.  I love you both like sisters.  I'm so glad you found each other.  Really, Amber wanted to come on board because she wasn't having an easy time on Soran.  I can't believe that people discriminate in this day and age.  I mean so what if you are both women and love each other.  That's all that matters.  Faithfulness is all that matters.  I know Sev is faithful, but he is a man and doesn't get it that woman get the wrong idea when he looks at them.  Anyway, I have two best friends on the starship, Cal and Oln.  We've been through so much together.  I've worked with Cal for a long time and Oln asked me to marry him.  I was in love with Sev.  I brought Beth on board because I knew that she and Oln would be perfect for each other and I was right.

Ami:  Besides Sev (Ami laughs), who is your favorite Kensington?

(Tere smiles.)

Tere:  My favorite Kensington besides Sev is Jas.  The one I respect the most is Ben.  Jas is so funny and so much fun as you know.  He's sweet and kind.  He'd never do anything to hurt anyone but the enemy and neither would Ben and JS.  They all love me like a sister.

Ami:  Jas loves you as more than a sister.

(Tere sighs.)

Tere:  I know.  He always has, but he was always playing the game.  He loves women, Ami, all of them.  Sev only loves one woman, me.  Sev may look occasionally but he only wants and desires me.  Jas wants them all.  Anyway, Ben is the voice of reason of the Kensington brothers.  He's truly the leader because he's sensible and sees beyond his own needs.  Ben sees the big picture and everyone respects him because of it.  Sev leads with his fist.  The commandos love him because he's so damned tough.  He whips them into shape and is right out there working out with them.  Whatever they have to do, he does it with them.  One hundred one armed push ups, Sev does them with his commandos.  JS, he's a sweety.  I love him to pieces.  He's so intelligent.  He can program cyborgs as well as I can.  He can hack through any computer system and his redeeming quality is his shyness.  He's perfect for Saram.

Ami:  Tere, why didn't you tell Sev who you are right from the start?

(Tere sighs and takes a sip of her coffee.  She smiled.)

Tere:  It would have been in my best interest to tell him, wouldn't it?  I didn't tell him because Lord Adron thought it was best that I didn't tell anyone.  Sev will never hurt me again.  He knows who he is now and that's what's important.  I would never leave him.  I love him too damned much and to be honest, he knows what he's doing in bed.  I've always been crazy about him and I always will be crazy about him.  He makes me so damned angry at times but at the same time, he drives me insane with passion.  I swear he has that damned rituals book memorized page by page along with the laws book and of course, he made sure I knew damned well that he had the laws book memorized.  He's thrilled to be married to me finally.  I never thought it was going to happen.  I'm thankful that I didn't give up hope.

(Ami looks at the chrono.)

Ami:  Well looks like our time is up.  Thanks, Tere.  I'll see you again next week.

(Tere smiles and gets up to leave.  Ami locks out the session with her voice commands and turns off the com recording device.)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Beyond Escape (Poem)

This was published in a literary magazine when I was in college:

Beyond Escape

I question myself, why, why do I feel the way I do.
Why have you taken my breath away?
Why have you drawn me like no other has.
Your spell, the magic beneath your Warlock mind,
the strangeness in your icy blue eyes has led
me to wander through your strange world.

Touch me, allow your hands to caress
my desires. Bring out my witchedness,
the wickedness that makes me want for you
so much in a way of possession from which you cannot
escape. Run your fingers beyond those parts of me
that are seen. I smell your desire.
Make me tremble with excitement.
Make me grow, as you grow large and strong,
my breath it takes away.

Tenderness. but passion I feel as you touch me.
Make me shudder as you extend and withdraw,
extend and withdraw until it is no longer possible to
contain yourself. But you want,
you will not die Warlock, you will not stop.

I cannot control myself , my mind bleeds,
I cry out but you hear not.
I fade away beneath you Warlock - my desires
no longer exist but are washed away by a state of erotic -
contortion on your face. I see you also, Warlock,
losing yourself amongst this sinful pleasure.
ln and out we breathe in unison.
Our needs, our desires, they become so large,
so fierce you are.
Those icy blue eyes so stern
And then Warlock, you lose control -
I allow myself to grasp at the trembling I feel
of you and me together.

Control lost, we have touched.
You could not escape my witchedness
nor could I escape your spell.
Those fierce eyes have now become tender as you kiss my
neck and mouth and all else that pleases you.
You say that all is through Warlock;
you cannot go on but I see through your disguise.
You will go on. You will force yourself to rise
once more for you cannot escape -
not can I.

Terran Date 2.2010.14

Happy Valentines Day! It's a great day to enjoy a fantastic erotic novel and then to act it out with your loved one. This new blog is dedicated to sharing excerpts from my books and to tell all of my fans the latest updates on Sev, Tere, Alaric, Cal, Meeg, and all the rest of the crew of the Terran One starship. Terran One: Remember The Commandos is almost ready to go in for copyright. We are in the last and final edit. Once it is copyrighted, you'll find excerpts here and if you post questions in the comments section, I'll respond.

I've purchased Dragon voice recognition software. I am constantly telling my mother my ideas for my novels and now when I'm talking to her, it will all be written down. Fun, can't wait until it arrives. I'll let you know how it goes when I get it.

Also, I want to thank mom for helping me with the editing of this major project.  Each novel is close to 700 pages in length.  It is a massive undertaking to edit it.  She knows my characters as well as I do.  Thanks mom!