Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Terran One:Remember The Commandos Synopsis

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Terran One: Remember the Commandos is an erotically charged science fiction romance, the first novel in the Terran One trilogy. Tere Andrews, a mercenary from the capital province of Mandmer on the planet Terran, Calvin Andrews, fellow Terran mercenary and Tere’s partner, and Oln Davis, an ex Allied Federation of Planets commando, set out to bring the last thirteen AFP commandos back to Terran as a last request of the late planetary leader, Theodopholis Adron.

Severin Kensington, one of the AFP’s four Kensington commandos, had been torn between his duty to the AFP military and his love for Tere. They had only seen each other twice in the four years they had known each other. For Tere it was love at first sight. For Sev, it was a raw need, an unfulfilled desire that he put aside for the good of the brotherhood. They are brought together again in Bans on the planet Teris. Tere has given up hope of ever marrying Sev and has decided to marry someone else. When she takes him to the Terran One, their relationship is taken to another level. Sev marries her through the Terran Miktuk and their lives will never be the same again.

Join Tere and Sev on their journey through life together. Tere’s hidden secrets come out when the tough, gritty commando discovers who she really is. Terran One: Remember the Commandos has graphic realism, eroticism and brutality. Readers will laugh and cry as the characters come to life in their minds. They will become members of the Terran One crew. The residents of the captains’ zone will become their family.

Meet the other Kensington wives: Meeg is from Hans on the planet Haadia. She is married to Jasper Kensington. She has a witty sense of humor that endears everyone around her. Sam is the Terran One doctor and wife of Ben Kensington. She is a beautiful blond from Bans on the planet Teris. She has been on the Terran One since it was created. Saram, a shy sweet woman from the planet Soran, is the wife of Jackson ‘JS’ Kensington. Saram blooms in the midst of the Kensington wives' friendship. Together the women learn that sisterhood is thicker than blood.

Terran One: Remember the Commandos will take readers on a journey that they will never forget.

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