Saturday, February 20, 2010

Today's Analysis: Terran Date 2.2010.20

(Ami speaking into a com recording device.)

Ami:  This is Doctor Ami Standish.  My appointment today is with Tere Kensington.

(Tere smiles at Ami.)

Ami:  Tere, please tell us what your position is on this starship.

Tere:  Hi Ami.  I am the High Captain of the starship.  I, along with Cal and Oln, make sure the starship is running efficiently and that the crew is paid.  Everyone wants to get paid.  I don't know why that is.

(Tere and Ami laugh.)

Ami:  So Tere, tell me about Sev.

(Tere laughs.)

Tere:  Sev, sometimes I want to strangle the man and other times I want to rip his clothes off.  Of course, it's a good thing I want to rip his uniform off more than strangle him.  You know, Ami, I wasn't even going to marry him.  What Sev wants, Sev gets.  His brothers tell him that all the time.  He has an attitude problem and thinks his way is the only way.  Sometimes, I just have to slap him a bit, wake him up and tell him, Severin Kensington, your way is not the only way.  Remember who the mercenary is here.  Usually he'll tell me, remember who the commando is here.

Ami:  I've noticed that about him, but you both love each other so much.  Everyone around you can tell that.

(Tere sips her coffee and smiles.)

Tere:  Yes which is why I haven't sworn him off, though I did come close.  Who can resist the man.  He's gorgeous.  I love his dark wavy hair.  He gets it cut just the way I like.  I'm obsessive about it.  I love to put my hands in his hair when we're making love.  I love his dark eyes.  They're just beautiful and look at his body, six foot of pure muscle.  All the women on this starship are crazy about him.

Ami:  Tell me about Sarih.

Tere:  I don't like to say bad things about anyone, but that woman was a koocha.  She's lucky she didn't get shot by me.  No one, and I mean no one, goes after Sev and to do it in front of me just goes to show what kind of woman she is.  Everyone knows that Sev and I are married.  You don't go after married men on the starship especially the High Captain's husband.  I hear she's doing okay now and doesn't remember what happened.  Sam's regression therapy is very effective, so things will work out for her.  She's on Terran Now.

Ami:  Tere, who is your best friend on the starship?

Tere:  Ami, how's Am today?  Cal wants to give her a raise which I've approved.  I love you both like sisters.  I'm so glad you found each other.  Really, Amber wanted to come on board because she wasn't having an easy time on Soran.  I can't believe that people discriminate in this day and age.  I mean so what if you are both women and love each other.  That's all that matters.  Faithfulness is all that matters.  I know Sev is faithful, but he is a man and doesn't get it that woman get the wrong idea when he looks at them.  Anyway, I have two best friends on the starship, Cal and Oln.  We've been through so much together.  I've worked with Cal for a long time and Oln asked me to marry him.  I was in love with Sev.  I brought Beth on board because I knew that she and Oln would be perfect for each other and I was right.

Ami:  Besides Sev (Ami laughs), who is your favorite Kensington?

(Tere smiles.)

Tere:  My favorite Kensington besides Sev is Jas.  The one I respect the most is Ben.  Jas is so funny and so much fun as you know.  He's sweet and kind.  He'd never do anything to hurt anyone but the enemy and neither would Ben and JS.  They all love me like a sister.

Ami:  Jas loves you as more than a sister.

(Tere sighs.)

Tere:  I know.  He always has, but he was always playing the game.  He loves women, Ami, all of them.  Sev only loves one woman, me.  Sev may look occasionally but he only wants and desires me.  Jas wants them all.  Anyway, Ben is the voice of reason of the Kensington brothers.  He's truly the leader because he's sensible and sees beyond his own needs.  Ben sees the big picture and everyone respects him because of it.  Sev leads with his fist.  The commandos love him because he's so damned tough.  He whips them into shape and is right out there working out with them.  Whatever they have to do, he does it with them.  One hundred one armed push ups, Sev does them with his commandos.  JS, he's a sweety.  I love him to pieces.  He's so intelligent.  He can program cyborgs as well as I can.  He can hack through any computer system and his redeeming quality is his shyness.  He's perfect for Saram.

Ami:  Tere, why didn't you tell Sev who you are right from the start?

(Tere sighs and takes a sip of her coffee.  She smiled.)

Tere:  It would have been in my best interest to tell him, wouldn't it?  I didn't tell him because Lord Adron thought it was best that I didn't tell anyone.  Sev will never hurt me again.  He knows who he is now and that's what's important.  I would never leave him.  I love him too damned much and to be honest, he knows what he's doing in bed.  I've always been crazy about him and I always will be crazy about him.  He makes me so damned angry at times but at the same time, he drives me insane with passion.  I swear he has that damned rituals book memorized page by page along with the laws book and of course, he made sure I knew damned well that he had the laws book memorized.  He's thrilled to be married to me finally.  I never thought it was going to happen.  I'm thankful that I didn't give up hope.

(Ami looks at the chrono.)

Ami:  Well looks like our time is up.  Thanks, Tere.  I'll see you again next week.

(Tere smiles and gets up to leave.  Ami locks out the session with her voice commands and turns off the com recording device.)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Beyond Escape (Poem)

This was published in a literary magazine when I was in college:

Beyond Escape

I question myself, why, why do I feel the way I do.
Why have you taken my breath away?
Why have you drawn me like no other has.
Your spell, the magic beneath your Warlock mind,
the strangeness in your icy blue eyes has led
me to wander through your strange world.

Touch me, allow your hands to caress
my desires. Bring out my witchedness,
the wickedness that makes me want for you
so much in a way of possession from which you cannot
escape. Run your fingers beyond those parts of me
that are seen. I smell your desire.
Make me tremble with excitement.
Make me grow, as you grow large and strong,
my breath it takes away.

Tenderness. but passion I feel as you touch me.
Make me shudder as you extend and withdraw,
extend and withdraw until it is no longer possible to
contain yourself. But you want,
you will not die Warlock, you will not stop.

I cannot control myself , my mind bleeds,
I cry out but you hear not.
I fade away beneath you Warlock - my desires
no longer exist but are washed away by a state of erotic -
contortion on your face. I see you also, Warlock,
losing yourself amongst this sinful pleasure.
ln and out we breathe in unison.
Our needs, our desires, they become so large,
so fierce you are.
Those icy blue eyes so stern
And then Warlock, you lose control -
I allow myself to grasp at the trembling I feel
of you and me together.

Control lost, we have touched.
You could not escape my witchedness
nor could I escape your spell.
Those fierce eyes have now become tender as you kiss my
neck and mouth and all else that pleases you.
You say that all is through Warlock;
you cannot go on but I see through your disguise.
You will go on. You will force yourself to rise
once more for you cannot escape -
not can I.

Terran Date 2.2010.14

Happy Valentines Day! It's a great day to enjoy a fantastic erotic novel and then to act it out with your loved one. This new blog is dedicated to sharing excerpts from my books and to tell all of my fans the latest updates on Sev, Tere, Alaric, Cal, Meeg, and all the rest of the crew of the Terran One starship. Terran One: Remember The Commandos is almost ready to go in for copyright. We are in the last and final edit. Once it is copyrighted, you'll find excerpts here and if you post questions in the comments section, I'll respond.

I've purchased Dragon voice recognition software. I am constantly telling my mother my ideas for my novels and now when I'm talking to her, it will all be written down. Fun, can't wait until it arrives. I'll let you know how it goes when I get it.

Also, I want to thank mom for helping me with the editing of this major project.  Each novel is close to 700 pages in length.  It is a massive undertaking to edit it.  She knows my characters as well as I do.  Thanks mom!