Monday, October 18, 2010

Terran One: To Aid A Rebellion Excerpt (Exciting) Formatting is screwy with blogspot and I'm not fixing it...

The elevator that Tere, Cal, Oln and the commandos were on stopped on the bridge. Tere looked out the main viewer. Andahar was in the distance.
“Tere, Saadark is one hour from the planet. Soran is thirty minutes out and Ceshien is already landing troops on the surface. They want cover,” Adam said.
“Mikhail, I want you to take out the parliament building as soon as we’re in position. After the parliament building is gone, take out the palace. We want to hit them where it hurts,” Tere commanded. “Commando leaders, this is what we’ve been training for. We’ll be on the ground. Adam, get Ceshien’s position on the ground and get that out through covert means to Saadark and Soran. We want everyone down as soon as they get here. Ciohar, Terran and the Terran One fighters are space coverage. I want them to take strategic positions. Tell Terran that we want their fighters to join our fighters.”
“Tere, we’re now in position to take out the parliament building,” Mikhail said.
“Get a display of the surface up,” Tere commanded. “Oln, make sure that Ten 07 knows that we’re taking out the parliament building.”
“Roger that, Tere,” Oln replied. He coded the information through the private channel to the assassin cyborg.
“Tere, we have communications from Andahar,” Cameron said.
“Patch it through,” Tere commanded. The lead commandos and Cal watched as the transmission came through. Tere knew the face well.
“This is Aneit Ladp of Andahar. We’d like to know why you’ve come into the Andahar sector. If you do not remove your starship, we will consider it an act of war,” Andahar’s leader said.
“This is the Terran warrior princess, Tere, Princess of Emanai. You have what is mine and I want them back,” Tere demanded. “I consider that an act of war. If you do not free them within five minutes, we’ll blow up key strategic locations.”
“I can assure you that we don’t have anything that would belong to Terran, warrior princess,” Ladp said.
“We have tracers in them, Ladp. Your time is now four minutes,” Tere said. She turned off the image viewer. “Mik, get your fighters into space,” she commanded over the com.
“Roger that, Tere,” Mik replied. Tere watched the fighter bay from the viewer. The image viewer turned on.
“I assure you, warrior princess, that we have nothing of yours,” Ladp said.
“Ladp, you now have two minutes,” Tere said. She had the cyborg turn off the viewer.
“Tere, we have word from Ten 07. He’s looking for Alaric, Alnon and Iylus,” Oln said.
“Do we have a position on Ceshien’s ground forces?” Tere asked.
“Roger that,” Cameron replied. “They’re on the ground. They have a special ops company heading toward the parliament building.”
“Tell them to keep their distance,” Tere said. Cameron relayed the message and received an affirmative back. “Okay, Mikhail, blow the damned parliament building. After that, take out the palace,” she commanded.
“Roger that,” Mikhail said.
“TJ, we’re heading down now. Let’s move out,” Tere ordered. She put her helmet on and turned to watch as Mikhail gave the signal to blow up the parliament building. Tere saw the massive explosion. Mikhail gave the order to take out the palace. The lead commandos headed to hangar four.

“This is war, TJ,” Tere said. “I want the shielding on at all times. Gentlemen, check your weapons. We know that they’re underground and I know where Ten 07 will take them. We have to believe that we have the Andahars on the move. TJ the drop is 622.378.”
“Roger that, Tere,” TJ said.
Tere opened a digital map of Andahar. She pointed to the drop position. “There are two entrances to these underground tunnels. This is where Ten 07 will take them when he finds them. I want Gar’s team to go in on the east side. Ben’s team which includes me is going in from the west. Take out anyone that gets in the way. Gentlemen, let’s get Alaric, Alnon and Iylus the hell out of there,” she said. “Kras, open the airlock.” Tere watched out the cockpit window as the hangar airlock opened. “Take us down, TJ,” she said.
TJ flew the viper out of the hangar bay as the Terran starships arrived. Ciohar’s, Soran’s and Saadark’s starships were in the distance. They were much smaller than the Terran One but they were capable. Tere watched Ciohar’s fighters leave their hangar bays. The Soran and Saadark transports, with their ground forces, left their starships at the same time that Viper 12 left.
“We leave the war to Saadark, Ceshien and Soran, Gentlemen. We are on a rescue mission. We bring them out alive. Kill anyone you have to,” Tere commanded. Sev realized, for the first time in their marriage, that Tere was an elite commando.

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